The Agility Dog Camp


Why choose a farm holiday with your dog among all proposed options in the overview of possible holiday package offers?

Over the past twenty years dogs have become an integral part of our home, relationships and effective members of our families.

Over time, more and more people want to spend their vacation days with their pets. Human beings increasingly realize that leaving their dog in dog hotels or with their relatives/friends creates some form of mutual emotional suffering: people miss the dogs and the dogs which have been separated from the family can become apathetic, sad, intolerant and nervous. Until a few years ago in Italy hotel and agritourism facilities hardly accepted families with dogs, especially if they were medium or large in size. Our highly anthropocentric culture did not welcome the integration of dogs into environments typically built for human activities (work environments, hospitals, bars, hotels, etc.).

In recent years, however, due to continuous requests by dog owners for the insertion and integration of four-legged friends into human society, a profound change to the general perception of the phenomenon has begun.

Lately bars, restaurants, agritourism and hotel structures have opened their doors to all animals, dogs in particular.

For a holiday with the dog, farmhouses are a step ahead of hotels and guesthouses. The agritourism sector have several strengths in the majority of cases:

  1. the structure is family-run and the managers receive customers (and dogs) offering them a welcoming, friendly and warm environment.

  2. the agritourisms are often located in areas of countryside or mountains which are naturalistically interesting and where it is always possible to find useful places to walk with the dog both on a leash and without a leash.

  3. in the farmhouse, it is possible to sleep in the room and eat at the restaurant with dogs.

  4. the agritourisms often contact dog trainers / instructors with attractive proposals for customers. This way, they can alternate their typical rest moments during the holiday period with dog training sessions and recreational-educational activities with their four-legged friends as protagonists.

The farm holiday is therefore a fantastic way to relax, have fun and train in the company of your dog by recharging before diving back into the habits of everyday life.