TREKKING in Valtaro

Trekking in Taro and Ceno

In collaboration with the Environmental Hiking Guides Valtaro and Valceno

On this page you will find some useful information for those who love hiking to discover enchanting places in our valleys.

All group guides are registered with AIGAE, the Italian Association of Environmental Hiking Guides.

They followed selective and demanding courses in the Emilia-Romagna region thus obtaining the qualification to practice the profession.

They are insured as per the provisions of the Regional Law Emilia R.- N.4 dated 1/2/2000 and following. changes.
They are very close-knit and used to operating both individually and in synergy with each other.

It also happened to lead a group of almost 200 people in 6 at the same time, distributing between the head and the tail of the long line, remaining in constant contact via radio.

They meet periodically to schedule calendars and activities, as well as to exchange information, compare and update each other.

Each one has specific thematic specificities and very detailed knowledge of particular areas of the Taro and Ceno valleys, even if they all have extensive transversal knowledge on the popularization disciplines typical of environmental hiking guides (naturalistic, geological, historical, anthropological, etc ...) and on territories wider.