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Small family-run company, it works dried porcini mushrooms, porcini mushrooms in oil, vegetables in oil and products from the undergrowth.
It is located in Borgotaro, (home of the porcino mushroom) in the heart of a beautiful valley, which especially in the autumn season attracts many fans of nature and the products of the undergrowth.
They have a laboratory and a shop, the "Bottega del Fungo", in the historic center of the country where we exhibit all our products: delicious jars of porcini mushrooms in olive oil whole or cut ready to flavor your dishes and give a touch of originality to your table; or fragrant dried porcini mushrooms of different qualities that offer bulk or packaged, suitable for the preparation of sauces, creams, fillings or any other recipe of yours to which you want to add a unique and unmistakable flavor.
The latest news is the processing of fresh vegetables from which they prepare excellent jars of pickled vegetables and borettane onions in oil.
Basic notions on the mycology of Porcino, our woods, the supply chain, the transformation of the product with the explanation of all the production phases.
EURO 3.00 (minimum 2 people)
Basic notions on Porcine mycology, our Woods, the Supply Chain, the Transformation of the product with the explanation of all the production phases, TASTING in the Shop
EURO 5,00 (minimum 2 People - Max 15)
Mushroom shop
in via Nazionale 66 in Borgo Val di Taro:

NB. The participation fee will be paid directly to the company "BOTTEGA DEL FUNGO" after the visit.