A cuisine inspired by old Parmesan recipes

The restaurant, obtained from the old stable, has maintained a typical decor made with stones, wood and farming objects creating a peaceful and welcoming environment.

The cuisine, purely homemade, is based on typical regional products, many of which are grown and harvested on our lands.

Among the many specialties you can taste the Fried Cake with Local Cured Meats and Stracchino, the Fried Salami, the Potato Cake, the Tortelli with Black Truffle and Mushrooms, Tortelli with Herbs, Fettucine with Culatello Ragu, Wild Boar, Pork Ganassini with Parmigiana, Lambrusco Beef Stew, Porcini Mushrooms from Borgotaro, Pannacream, Tarts, Ricotta Mousse and many other delicacies.

Guests who do not stay in Ca Bianca can use the catering service on Saturday and Sunday at noon - For information and reservations please phoning to the number 0525.98213.